Trans* Pride - Announcement


Trans* Pride 20th of September 2015

No one is free until we are all free.


Citizen Association "Egal" and Gay Lesbian Info Center (GLIC) organize Trans* Pride, a standing gathering which will be held on 20th of September 2015 in the Pioneer park, beginning at 11 am.

Whit this assembly we are stressing out the alarmingly bad situation of trans* community in Serbia and concrete challenges trans* persons are facing on everyday basis. We are also expressing our disagreement and displeasure with present work of Belgrade Pride.


Along with many difficulties all citizens of Serbia are facing during the present economic crisis, the position of our trans* citizens if even more devastating – transsexual persons can gain appropriate identification documents only once they have completed the process of adjusting their sex to their gender identity, while for transgender persons there currently is no law providing the basis for issuing proper documentation. These facts, among other things, are making adequate access to healthcare, education and employment impossible. Trans* persons are not institutionally recognized, thus facing stigmatization and being exposed to violent and discriminatory acts.

These are the main reasons CSO ‘’Egal’’ and Gay Lesbian Info Center are demanding much needed legal gender recognition, fast change of existing registry books system legislation and their proper application, so that personal documentation can be issued to trans* persons. We are also demanding more effective provision of health services for trans* persons, along with sensitization of the police, centers for social work, the National employment service and other public institutions, for proper relation to trans* persons.

On this occasion we are inviting all citizens to, by being present, offer their support to Trans* Pride assembly, which will be held on 20 th of September 2015 in the Pioneer park, beginning at 11 am.

No one is free until we are all free.


Organising Committee Trans* Pride

Contact person: Helena Vuković, 069/1625985

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