Trans*Frontall – festival of culture, activism, health and politics of trans* community

Trans*Frontall – festival of culture, activism, health and politics of trans* community was held in Belgrade on 9th and 10th of May 2015. This is the first of a kind manifestation in Serbia, which opened a space for trans* persons to speak up about themselves and everyday challenges, as well as to show all the beauty and colors of the community’s culture. This is the first time members of trans* community are organizers, audience and participants of one event at the same time.


During two festival days, visitors could follow and participate in different programs. A series of tribunes, debates and a rich cultural program tended to (re)present all the beauty and all the challenges trans* persons are facing on everyday basis. Various themes were disputed. Eminent experts from the fields of politics, healthcare, activism, culture, anthropology, law initiated the dialogue on the problems trans* community comes across in different areas, as well as on legal framework in these areas (not)regulating trans* issues. What was special about these debates was the very fact that members of trans* community had the opportunity to, for the first time, take over the floor, being directly involved in the conversation, able to speak from the personal experience, expressively communicating their attitudes and raising questions essential for every member of trans* community.

Visitors could, also, see, feel and participate in cultural program. An exhibition of four young photographers titled “One day of trans* life” took place during the festival. The exhibition was designed to represent the reality of trans* persons, portrait their desires, striving and perception of the society and the world they live in. Photographs symbolize a subjective experience of reality and the challenges members of trans* community in Serbia are facing. Young visual artist also created inspired by theme and atmosphere of the festival.

The evening program was designed to, after more serious discussions, make both visitors and participants to relax. Trans* persons by themselves prepared and realized the entertaining part of the festival – The Trans* Cabaret. Within this section, trans* persons had the possibility to express themselves, their feelings, love, fear and all what makes them sad or happy. Bundle of the energy, passion, life, laughter and grief – the audience was guided through all of them during the performances. Although trans* persons were under the spotlight, unintentionally, due to the very essence of trans* community, the audience themselves became an important part of the event. Exchanging of the energy made possible for all visitors to, for a brief moment, experience „becoming trans*“ and feel what being a trans* person really means.

Egal family tented to make Trans*frontall a traditional manifestation, the oasis which will continue to exist for many years to come. Preparation and realization of such an event is a real challenge in a current political atmosphere and the attitudes of the society towards differences. The months of hard work and efforts made were paid off – Egal reached its goal – at least for two days, EQUAL. EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE. became reality. We hope this manifestation, among others, will in the future contribute to create the climate where EQUAL. EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE. will become a constant, sustainable reality.