Egal port

Belgrade, Serbia and the entire Balkan in June 2013 gain the first LGBTI center, Egal Port.

Egal Port was designed as a safe space for members of LGBTI community, a place where they were always welcome to come, find shelter, rest, get to know each other, socialize, collaborate, exchange experiances, create together, thus strenghtening the community.

Center provided aid and support for all LGBTI persons in need, offering safeheaven, counceling (healthcare, legal, psycho-social), HIV and STIs prevention. While open, Egal Port has, along with its regular program, organized many benefit exhibitions and parties.

Egal Port was based on the principle of social entrepreneurship – through its activities it sereved the community, raising its visibility, stressing out everyday challenges its members are facing, providing employment and, most importantly, a place to always call one’s own. It was at the same time a hostel, a bar and contained a gym and a sauna. Following the example of this center, similar places were opened region wide.

Unfortunatelly, due to preassures of the public, hostility and political situation, Egal Port closed its door in March 2014.

Drop in center is urgently needed for members of trans* and LGBI community in Serbia.